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About Us

The business is co-owned by 3 chilli sauce fanatics, Matt, Michelle and Tom.

While we all hold British passports, Michelle and Tom are Kiwis by birth, having recently gained full residency status. They bring with them a Kiwi passion for quality food and more excitingly bags full of exotic hot sauce - a particular favourite of ours is Kaitaia Fire (we hope to be able to stock this sauce in our shop soon).

For just over 2 years Matt has been planning this venture, but the timing had never been quite right. After moving jobs and settling in to a new home the stars have finally aligned. 

We sell chilli sauce not because we have to (we all work full time in other roles) but because we absolutely love hot sauce and believe subscription boxes are the best way of surfacing the great chilli sauces, snacks and confectionery being produced in the UK. 

We are based in Greater London and operate the business out of Matt and Michelle's home (fully licensed with Bromley council). We'd love to outgrow this space but there's a lot of work to get done before we get to that point.

The business launched in June 2015 so we are still in the early days but for Tom and Matt this is not their first business, so we don't expect too many bumps in the road.

At hotsauceclub.co.uk - we are committed to customer service - we know that getting this right is the key to running a successful business. From time to time we may fall below high the standards we set ourselves. Should this happen we'd love to hear from you to understand what we can do to put it right and help us to improve the service moving forward. 




Please feel free to reach out to us at customerservice@hotsauceclub.co.uk

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