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November 10, 2015

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Must Chup - Grown Up Table Sauces

We first came across Must-Chup at the Fiery Foods Festival and since then their sauces have been a staple in our kitchen. 



Andrew Must-Chup

The November subscription box sees the inclusion of the spiciest sauce in their range the 'Big Kick'. We sat down with co-creator, Andrew to get the low down on how Must-Chup came to be.

When did you first realise you had a talent as a saucier and when did you make the leap in to producing a commercial range?

I have always been involved with food working in the hospitality industry for over 25 years including as a Chef in Switzerland. I also loved Ketchup as a child however wanted it to be healthier for you. After celebrating my 50th birthday with my twin brother Mark I saw a gap in the market for a mustard and fresh tomato Ketchup. Hence Must Chup was born back in 2013.
Last year our customers were demanding a range of sauces, so on trend with the Ketchup market I decided to create two with Chilli; 'Kick' with Jalapeno which has a gentle heat and 'Big Kick' with more intense heat using habanero chilli

To our subscribers who are trying your sauce for the first time, there will be the obvious temptation to do as we did and finish the bottle in one sitting with bread and cheese. Being such a versatile sauce, can you share some of your favourite ways to enjoy it?

Must Chup SauceMust Chup is indeed very versatile. I love marinating fish and various meats for the BBQ season like salmon, steak and chicken throughout the Summer months or using it as a side sauce with sausages and burgers. It is also great as an ingredient to spice up your bolognaise or include within your chicken casserole. I have even added it to tomato soup which is amazing.
Throughout the winter months any slow cooked stew with a dollop of Must Chup creates a new dimension to the dish. I also have a number of vegetarian friends who use it with vegetable bakes (Must Chup is both gluten free and vegetarian friendly).

We loved all of the sauces in your range, but are excited to see what you might come up with next. Can you share any insights in to what you are working on or would like to try in the future?

The most popular request is for an extra hot Must Chup. So it maybe called Must Chup 'Extra Kick' perhaps using scotch bonnet chilli. I am also considering a range of dressings with mustard as a base which of course could include chilli.

Last but not least, outside of your range what is your favourite chilli product available in the UK - and what makes it so special?

I really don't have a favourite however I always enjoy those that have a good balance between flavour and heat. I like to be able to taste all of the elements of the sauce whether it is sweetness, fruitiness and chilli flavour. There are a number of chilli sauces that have too much vinegar in them making them too acidic.

Matt Baker
Matt Baker


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